Aerial Entity Ritual Experiment

If you are not following Liminal Earth and WUFO, you are missing out! Each week for WUFO the community comes together to discuss UFO/UAP, experimentations in sightings and contact, astronomy, tech, and more. I’m really enjoying hanging out with these fellow weirdos when I can (it runs a little late for me mid-week as they’re on the west coast and I’m in central time with an early wake up) or watching the recordings for motivation in my own UFO experimentation and learning.

June 1st, WUFO did an Aerial Entity Ritual, which I wasn’t able to participate in at the time (we’re still in the early stages of moving so life is hectic). Thankfully, I was able to square out some time to do the ritual last night, June 8th.

For the full background on the ritual, read it here and be sure to watch the June 1st recording wherein the connection between ancient grimoires with no chill and modern UFO contact is explained.

This ritual was particularly synchronistic for me as I have been working on some theories and practices around the Spirit of Yeast for a couple of years now. The ritual itself involves invoking an aerial entity into a bottle wherein you are combining water, a form of sweetening (I used raw honey from our hives), and local plant matter that hasn’t been washed so as to utilize the wild yeasts on it.
Not discussed in the ritual or recording was the connection to alchemy – fermentation is an important alchemical concept. This is the stage where the old self dies away and then your spirit is fired up so that new pathways are made available to you. Its a slower process than other methods (like calcination where the old self and restraints are burned away) but slow is good when it comes to lessons like trusting yourself, attaining knowledge, and having profound spiritual experiences. This is a very auspicious method for contact with aerial entities, in my opinion.

I did make some edits to the ritual so that it aligned with my own connections with the planetary energies of Mercury. The ritual laid out associated Mercury with purple, for example, and in my past workings I’ve associated it with orange so I used orange.
For my plant material, I used mint, a mercurial plant. Wild mint is all over my garden so it was easy to get.
I also used plantain (plantago major) leaves which, in my tradition, are called waybread and are believed to grow on all the roads in all the worlds, not just ours. I use waybread for journey work and felt it pertained to guide the way and open the road between the vessel I was using and the entity I was contacting.

My Invokation

Hail ReXeKeChe,
I (name), wish to invite you into this vessel before me.
I have provided sweetness as an offering and request your presence within.
In the names of Mercury, Hermes, and Odin Hangatyr who gave His all for wisdom and knowledge, I invite you into this vessel.
Let us help each other if we can.
Descend from mercury into this vessel which has been prepared as a dwelling place for you, and dwell within for as long as the sweetness remains.
In exchange, I ask you to help me see things that cannot be seen, know things that cannot be known, and do things which cannot be done.
Acknowledge your residence herein by the subtle agitation created by your presence, ReXeKeChe, and depart only when the sweetness has been consumed.
Thank you in advance for any assistance you provide. Let us know if you have any questions.

On Second Thought…

Looking back…it might have been prudent to draw a circle and clarify that only beneficial entities are invited into this working. As it stands, there’s not really a buffer other than what you might have in place to make sure that nothing parasitic or harmful is conjured. I don’t have any worries about ReXeKeChe after doing some questioning but it is good to note for future experiments.


#wufo #aerialentityritual @Liminalearth To be clear I don’t get bad vibes I’m just thinking this could have been safer lol.

♬ original sound – HaintNHoller

I do love that this ritual conjuration has a built in timer. Once the sugar has all been turned into alcohol by the wild yeast, the spirit is free to depart. After reading about familiar traditions, it is really good to have a plan for how long a spirit is in contract with the conjurer – and if its long term, its important that the conjurer has a plan for if something happens to them (whether the spirit vessel is willed to a fellow conjurer or instructions are given on how to safely release it). This is how we see things like mandragora roots passed down in families and the like.

Now What?

Now that we’ve summoned an Aerial Entity, what do we do with them?
To start, Damon and I asked them some questions using our pendulum. This method was not the best, especially when ReXeKeChe confirmed they would like to do this another way, but it was the one most readily available to us at the time.
Some questions we asked were mostly focused on how to accommodate this entity while they are with us. Things like methods of communication were discussed, if they were comfortable with us photographing and filming them, what to call them, and where they would like to rest in our home when we’re not communicating.

We are setting up a Ganzfeld session with ReXeKeChe in the near future and will film it.
We will be posting the full video of these and other sessions on our Patreon and partial clips here and on our various social media. If you would like to see the full sessions or submit questions to ask ReXeKeChe, please consider becoming a Patron.

Let us know if you too have done the Aerial Entity Ritual and how it went/is going for you! Also be sure to join this lovely weird community on WUFO Watch on Wednesday nights.

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