Haint n Holler Manifesto

The world is a lot weirder than humans can fathom and magic is real.

The Appalachian region is a liminal space where there is a high population of ghosts, cryptids, UFO sightings, and a heap of high strangeness per acre.

The paranormal investigation communities in this region would do well to work together or, at the very least, be up for sharing information.

If we look at a variety of paranormal incidents, including but not limited to ghosts, cryptids, UFO sightings/abductions, and psychic phenomena, we might see patterns begin to rise not only overlapping the different fields but various landmarks in the Appalachian region.

Investigating these phenomena is best done with a blend of techniques including modern technology (EMF detection, EVP recordings, Ganzfield method, God helmet, etc) and mystical technology (pendulums, spirit boards, spirit offerings, trance work, etc).

Investigating these phenomena requires both skepticism and open mindedness to what could be. I believe in the strange, but I also believe people and their purposes are complicated.

The only ethical investigation is one that does not exploit the people (living or dead) or entities involved or the land it is on. Trauma must be acknowledged and no ethical investigation should add to said trauma.

Scapegoats are just evidence of laziness, ignorance, and bigotry – not intelligent investigation.

Research and Investigation should be done as scientifically as possible. This doesn’t mean with modern technology so much as a focus on evidence, excluding variables, and an openness to hypotheses being wrong.

No matter the results of an investigation, we should be very comfortable with not knowing the answers.